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Henos Energy

Established in 2021, Henos Energy is a Ghanaian company that distributes Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

LPG Distribution

Accra, Ghana

Company Profile

About Henos

Henos Energy’s mission is to make LPG accessible for households and businesses throughout Ghana. The ease of access to charcoal and the small daily cost makes charcoal and firewood the gotofuels for most households in Ghana.

Henos seeks to convert these charcoal and firewood users to LPG by improving convenience and affordability of using LPG.


Clean Cooking In Ghana

Ghana has a population of 34 million. 78% of the population—approximately 27 million Ghanians—prepare their daily meals with polluting fuels like charcoal and firewood.  

Our Catalytic Support

Increasing LPG Access

To increase LPG accessibility, Henos Energy is strategically partnering with oil marketing companies (gas stations) to place LPG cylinder cages in front of their convenience stores.

These cages enable families to exchange empty cylinders for full LPG cylinders, bringing LPG much closer to households. Cylinder exchanges also increase safety of LPG use, since Henos maintains the cylinders and performs safety checks.

BHLF is supporting Henos to double the number of cylinder cages—from 25 cages to 50 cages in 2024—and to expand their marketing activities.


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