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Founded in 2003, Envirofit International is a technology company that creates smart energy products and services to improve lives on a global scale.

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Using a market-based approach, Envirofit develops a global product line of clean energy and cooking technologies that have served more than 10 million people in energy poverty. Envirofit’s stoves cook faster while reducing fuel use, smoke, and toxic emissions.



In 2016, Envirofit created SmartGas to tackle the problems of LPG affordability and accessibility. SmartGas is an electronic meter that attaches to an LPG cylinder, allowing households to pay for LPG as needed in small increments. The technology also empowers LPG retailers with usage data from each cylinder, prompting a cylinder exchange before the cylinder runs empty. This “virtual pipeline” of metered LPG enables families to obtain and pay for cooking fuel without having to leave their home or save large sums of money to purchase a full cylinder.

SmartGas allows charcoal users to buy LPG at improved (or similar) costs to what they spend on charcoal. The first generation SmartGas meter and business model was simultaneously piloted in Kenya and Ghana in 2017. Envirofit became the first company to bring an LPG SmartMeter to a commercial scale in emerging markets. 

Our Catalytic Support

Lowering Production Costs

Despite high demand and user satisfaction, SmartGas has not yet scaled due to the production cost of the meter.

With our support, Envirofit is creating SmartGas 2.0 – a lower-cost meter that will bring the SmartGas production cost down to a market acceptable level.

SmartGas 2.0 will catalyze widescale adoption of a technology that is critical for making LPG use more affordable for families. 


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