Clean Cooking

Transforms Lives.


We believe in the power of clean cooking to transform lives.

One-third of humanity prepares meals over open fires or polluting stoves, contributing to premature death and limiting human potential. The Bettering Human Lives Foundation aims to increase access to clean cooking fuels by directly supporting local innovators and entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. Together, we are committed to providing families with a pathway out of poverty through access to modern energy that betters human lives.

A clean-burning cookstove can be a life-changer for families, particularly women and girls.

– Anne Hyre, Executive Director

Imagine having a campfire inside your home.

Existing businesses don’t have the resources to meet demands.

If you could choose propane, why would you choose something else?

Help transform a family's life.


Making a Difference Matters


Pathway to Prosperity

Our Pathway to Prosperity starts off by offering much needed, catalytic funding to local small businesses and entrepreneurs working across the clean cooking value chain, enabling them to innovate, expand, and grow. This economic development approach leads to sustained increases in access to clean cooking, which, in turn, uplifts the well-being of women, children, and communities. We sustain this cycle through ongoing reinvestment, ensuring a brighter future for all.


Together, We Can Make a Difference

Every contribution matters, and your support can change lives. By donating to BHL, you’re helping us to improve health and enhance human potential by bringing clean cooking fuels to women, girls, and families. Join us in bettering human lives!